Client Testimonial | Nancy Ward

Thank you, Nancy, for your kind words and trust in our team! If you’re looking to elevate your campaign or business through innovative digital strategies, contact Landmarq Digital today. Let’s make your vision a reality!

“When I went up for reelection, I had a very formidable opponent. I knew that in order to get the word out (which is hard to do when you live in a rural community), I needed to take advantage of social media and I had no expertise in that area. A friend of mine recommended Landmarq Digital, and it was probably the best decision I made on how to spend my money in the campaign. I was reelected to the commission at the Port of Columbia County. I believe that it was mainly due to the work that was done in social media and advertising, and of course the people who did that work for me was Landmarq Digital.

It was not only fast (and it was fast because they know what they’re doing), but it was fun. And they’re very creative. They came up with ideas like using a drone, they came up with ideas about using the natural habitat here in Columbia County. They came up with these ideas that I would have never thought of from a conventional standpoint. I think working with Landmarq Digital is a good investment for anyone who is going to be running for political office.

I certainly think that you need to give them a call and talk to them because what they are going to present to you are ideas that you are not going to hear from other people. Why not start with them first?”

– Nancy Ward, Port Commissioner at the Port of Columbia County

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